Thanks for attending the Open House! Are you showing off your new socks?

We'd love to hear your thoughts about the event!
I'd love to help!
How did you hear about the Open House?

Was the BINGO! game too difficult, too easy or a good challenge?

Where did you find the BINGO! game rules?

What did you think of the prizes offered?

Prizes include: socks and all the Blue & Gold prizes.
What kind of swag/prizes would you like to see offered next year?

Anything goes! If you want a camel, maybe we can make that happen. Do you want water bottles? Coffee mugs? USB's? Let us know your ideas.
What was your favourite part of the Open House?

Did you like the prizes? The activity? Let us know!
What was your least favourite part of the Open House?

What did you think of the entertainment?

Entertainment includes: the magic show, student group performances, meditation activities, etc.
Did you find the staff and volunteers (in gold shirts) helpful and friendly?

Were they able to answer your questions, help you find your way, etc.?
Final thoughts?

The only way we can be better is with your advice and help!
You're awesome! Thanks for helping us out.
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